Integral management process with 

Triple Bottom Line focus

  • Analysis of environmental and stakeholders

  • Development of social and environmental strategies

  • Implementation of ISO systems: 9001, 14001, 26000, 45000

  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA).

Sustainability annual reports

  • Sensitization and training for the adoption of GRI report
  • Materiality analysis and interrelation with stakeholders
  • Preparation of sustainability annual reports
  • Development of key sustainability performance indicators
  • Using reports as an instrument of strategic planning
  • Verification of fulfillment GRI standars

Projects management with basis on PMI knowledge model with focus on Triple Bottom Line approach


  • Apply the PMI model in its stages: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring-control and closure to develop sustainable projects.

Training in project management, sustainability, environment and corporate social responsibility

  • Implementation of eco-efficiencies
  • Integral plans of waste management
  • Development of programs for the care of biodiversity
  • Prevention and control of air pollutants
  • Grenhouse Gases (GHG) inventories
  • Environmental, health and safety regulations

Environmental services 

  • Incursion in energy market and clean energy certificates
  • Strategies for reducing carbon footprint and water
  • Program of GHG management
  • Implementation of Clean Production Program
  • Development of sustainable production and consumption programs
  • Preparation for Clean Industry and Environmental Excellence programs of Profepa
  • Environmental impact studies, liabilities and closure plans

Social Responsibility services

  • Diagnostics of corporate social responsibility
  • Action plans for obtaining ESR distinctive
  • Implementation of social mangement systems (ISO 26000)
  • Development of strategies of social responsibility towards Global Compact
  • Social investment programs for sustainability
  • Social consultation