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Strategic planning of

Triple Bottom Line

We advise you to develop in your company a systematic process of development and implementation of plans to achieve your economic, environmental and social objectives


We help you to implement systems, practices and processes to improve the environmental performance of your company.

Social Responsibility

We manage your efforts to improve the profitability of your business through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Integral management process with 

Triple Bottom Line focus

  • Analysis of environmental and stakeholders

  • Development of social and environmental strategies

  • Implementation of ISO systems: 9001, 14001, 26000, 45000

  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA).

Sustainability annual reports

  • Sensitization and training for the adoption of GRI report
  • Materiality analysis and interrelation with stakeholders
  • Preparation of sustainability annual reports
  • Development of key sustainability performance indicators
  • Using reports as an instrument of strategic planning
  • Verification of fulfillment GRI standars

Projects management with basis on PMI knowledge model with focus on Triple Bottom Line approach


  • Apply the PMI model in its stages: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring-control and closure to develop sustainable projects.

Training in project management, sustainability, environment and corporate social responsibility


  • Implementation of eco-efficiencies
  • Integral plans of waste management
  • Development of programs for the care of biodiversity
  • Prevention and control of air pollutants
  • Grenhouse Gases (GHG) inventories
  • Environmental, health and safety regulations

Environmental services


  • Energy diagnostics
  • Incursion in energy market and clean energy certificates
  • Strategies for reducing carbon footprint and water
  • Program of GHG management
  • Implementation of Clean Production Program
  • Development of sustainable production and consumption programs
  • Preparation for Clean Industry and Environmental Excellence programs of Profepa
  • Environmental impact studies, liabilities and closure plans

Social Responsibility services

  • Diagnostics of corporate social responsibility
  • Action plans for obtaining ESR distinctive
  • Implementation of social mangement systems (ISO 26000)
  • Development of strategies of social responsibility towards Global Compact
  • Social investment programs for sustainability
  • Social consultation